Wedding Time Capsule

$14.99 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

Be part of this 2020 history in the making with this beautiful Wedding Time Capsule.

This wedding time capsule is a fantastic gift for the happy couple. It is a lasting keepsake that treasure their important moments in their new life together.

Imagine creating a time capsule at a wedding ceremony that the couple could open on their wedding anniversary decades later and reminisce about what their life was like the year they were married and or engaged.

This heartwarming 21 piece gift set comes with everything needed to create an absolutely unforgettable treasure.

~Profile of The Bridge & Groom Booklet

~Inventory Checklist

~Time Capsule How To Guide

~Message to the Future Stationary

~Authenticity Certificate to register their time capsule

~This year 2020 don't forget to include your favorite face mask


Why not add a bottle of champagne to celebrate while they are creating their Wedding Time Capsule! This is a heartfelt, enduring and unique gift to give!