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Product Overview

Welcome to the world of virtual seminars, presentations, workshops and networking.

When you can’t meet in person, we can support you in your virtual conference marketing and management. Here at Unique Design Creations we can assist you to drive attendance, process, registrations, and capture their attention.

Gifting at the right times send the perfect message!

We want to go one step beyond the meeting, make well-being part of your company’s cultural values mental health and well-being!

We have a wonderful offer “Wellness Beyond the Meeting” This is a gift that will thank your employees and guests and show them your appreciation and gratitude for their connection to your company.

This one of a kind gift box would include: The Currency of Connection by Carol & Rick Gabrielly, Blessed mug or Dream It Do It Travel Cup, inspirational journal with pen, stress star, tea, and cookies. Also, you will receive a meditation, affirmations and a virtual audio gift. We would love to include your marketing / branded materials.

Unique Design Creations have great ideas on how to gift smart conference and workshop items that won’t be wasted but enjoyed.

We will handle all the details. Call us today to set up this program for you. 914-707-0192.

If you want ‘CHIC’ call Unique!



(If a gift item is unavailable at time of order, be assured that an item of equal or greater value will be substituted in order to ensure the timely arrival of your gift)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review